A twitter conversation led to the creation of a new project to work on annotated Greek texts for language learners.

As readers of this blog know, I’m working with Seumas Macdonald on the Apostolic Fathers and had done some earlier work on Epictetus’s Enchiridion and with Nathan Smith on the Septuagint. There’d been a couple of conversations earlier in October on Twitter with people wanting to make progress on the Septuagint and I’d also been keen to get back to supporting Seumas’s Linguae Graecae Per Se Illustrata project.

So Fletcher Hardison’s tweet triggered the idea to maybe get everyone involved in these various projects talking to each other:

I started a Slack workspace and a landing page: https://jtauber.github.io/greek-texts/.

The results so far have been wonderful. A great group of people are already working together on various texts and data format conventions. I’m back to working on vocabulary lists (more on that in the next few days) and some new Python libraries (more on that also in the next few days).

We’d love to have you join us! Just email me at jtauber@jtauber.com and I can invite you to the Slack workspace.