Following on from my success with it on the Digital Tolkien Project website, I decided to switch to using Jekyll for the generation of as a static site.

I wanted to switch to static site generation partly for ease of hosting but mostly to make it much easier to author content locally and manage revisions on GitHub. My choice of Jekyll as a platform was a combination of ease-of-use and ability to trivially host on GitHub pages.

There may be a couple of issues with my migration, so let me know if you see anything funny, especially with the formatting of posts. Note also that I haven’t brought back full-text search or the Labs yet.

But the change already makes it easier for me to write posts as well as organise existing posts. I’ve already started adding tags on a handful of posts to make it easier for you to get to all the posts on a particular topic. It’s now possible, for example, to easily get a list of my morphology tour posts, for example.

I also made a couple of style tweaks but nothing major.

I’m now back to posting a lot more regularly with lots of good vocabulary and morphology stuff coming up!