Next week I’m headed to Germany for a whirlwind trip to Göttingen, Heidelberg, and Leipzig to share and discuss ideas with other scholars.

I’ll be speaking at a Global Philology workshop in Göttingen, attending a Digital Classics conference in Heidelberg (where I’ll also have to sit the final exam for my Postgraduate Diploma in Greek if I can find someone to invigilate), and then spending a few days in Leipzig meeting with the team at the Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities at Universität Leipzig.

I’m very excited to now be working more closely with the digital classics community and meeting many people whose names I’ve known for a while.

I’m also thrilled to visit Leipzig again after more than ten years and get my fill of musical history there. I’m also hoping for a bit of a physics history fill too given the importance of both Göttingen and Leipzig in the history of quantum mechanics.