This is part 4 of a series of blog posts about modelling stems and principal part lists and covers the Dickinson College Commentaries (DCC) Greek Core lemmas and issues in merging them with the existing merge of Pratt and Morwood.

It was relatively straightfoward to merge in the lemmas from the DCC.

Of the 149 verb entries in the DCC, 111 of them matched exactly with an existing Pratt or Morwood lemma (dropping length in the latter as the DCC doesn’t include it).

The remaining 38 cases were simple and fell in to one of nine categories:

1. multiple spellings [3]

There is only one case of multiple spellings in the DCC verbs (the first one below). In the other two cases, DCC only gives one of the spellings given by Pratt or Morwood.

  • οἴομαι/οἶμαι is given as “οἴομαι or οἶμαι”
  • only σκοπέω of σκέπτομαι/σκοπέω is given
  • only μίγνυμι of μείγνυμι/μίγνυμι is given

2. difference in voice [4]

  • ἀποκρίνω is given, not ἀποκρίνομαι
  • πορεύω is given, not πορεύομαι
  • φοβέω is given, not φοβέομαι
  • πειράω is given as “πειράω (usually mid. πειράομαι)”

3. compounds of existing base (also in DCC) [17]

DCC focuses more on useful vocabulary rather than useful principal parts in its choice of which verbs to include. In this sense it’s the opposite of Morwood. As a result, it include compounds where Pratt or Morwood would only include the base. In all the cases below, the DCC also includes the base (but they all fall into the categories of 111 words matching exactly).

  • ἀναιρέω, ἀφαιρέω
  • ὑπάρχω
  • συμβαίνω
  • ἀποδίδωμι, παραδίδωμι
  • πάρειμι
  • προσήκω
  • παρέχω
  • ἀποθνῄσκω
  • ἀφίημι
  • καθίστημι, προστίθημι
  • καταλαμβάνω, ὑπολαμβάνω
  • διαφέρω, συμφέρω

ἀποδίδωμι here is somewhat debatable as we already have ἀποδίδομαι in Pratt and Morwood but only under πωλέω.

4. compounds of existing base (not in DCC) [2]

In two cases, DCC has a compound whose base is already in Pratt or Morwood but not in DCC itself.

  • ἀποκτείνω
  • ἀπαλλάσσω

5. compounds where other compound but not base existed [1]

In one case, DCC has a compound whose base is not in Pratt, Morwood or DCC but another compound of the same base is.

  • κατασκευάζω (no σκευάζω but παρασκευάζω existed)

6. compounds with no base existing [1]

And in one case, DCC has a compound whose base, nor any other compounds of that base are in Pratt, Morwood or DCC.

  • κατηγορέω

7. σσ vs ττ [3]

DCC favours σσ over ττ (whereas Pratt and Morwood use latter; although Morwood does have ἀλλάσσω alongside ἀλλάττω)

  • πράσσω
  • τάσσω
  • φυλάσσω

8. words appearing under different entry due to suppletion [3]

  • δέδοικα (Pratt has under δείδω)
  • εἶδον (Pratt and Morwood have under ὁράω)
  • εἶμι (Pratt and Morwood have under ἔρχομαι)

9. completely new words [3]

These are unique to DCC.

  • ἔρομαι
  • λαλέω
  • πολεμέω
  • ἔοικα