I’m off for another string of conferences, this time in Copenhagen, Chicago, and New Orleans.

First is a workshop on Original Language Resources for Bible Translation and Education organised by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen of the Global Learning Initiative and Reinier de Blois of the United Bible Societies. David Instone-Brewer put it best when he responded to the workshop invitation with “All the key people in one place with lots of time to talk and plan. How could I miss this?” Perhaps most exciting for me is I finally get to meet Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen for the first time after working together for more than twelve years!

I fly from Copenhagen to Chicago at the end of the week for the annual conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics. It will be my first time attending the conference and I’m looking forward to learning a lot (although in contrast to the Copenhagen workshop, I’ll know virtually no one).

I have to leave AAAL slightly early though, to go down to New Orleans for the first US VueConf. Vue.JS is an important technology in the Scaife Viewer and DeepReader reading environments. I went to the first European VueConf last year and gave a lightning talk on DeepReader. I had hoped to give a talk on the Scaife Viewer at VueConf US but my talk wasn’t accepted so I’m hoping at least for another lightning talk.