Three weeks ago I fixed a few bugs in greek-accentuation and ended up doing three releases (although I only blogged about two at the time). I’ve now done a fourth bug fix release: 1.0.4.

1.0.3 was the bug fix mentioned in Diagramming Greek Accent Placement where paroxytone wasn’t being given as a possible accentuation when the penult was long and length of ultima was unknown (e.g. an unmarked alpha).

To this, 1.0.4 adds two new fixes:

  • syllabify.is_diphthong now works with uppercase letters (fixes a syllabification bug when capitalized word begins with diphthong)
  • syllabify.add_necessary_breathing now returns a NFKC normalized form (improving rebreath/debreath roundtripping)

You can pip install greek-accentuation==1.0.4. The repo is at