The latest release of MorphGNT (with a corresponding release of the Python library py-sblgnt) fixes some lemmatization issues along with a couple of accent and part-of-speech changes.

  • use acute at end of sentence in Luke 10.38
  • use ἄγω as lemma of ἄγε per issue #39
  • use ἱερός lemma in all situations per issue #36
  • fix accent in συνίημι lemma in Acts 28.26 per issue #37
  • fixed θαρσέω lemmas where forms use ρσ as well per issue #38
  • fixed προώρισε(ν) lemma in Acts 4.28 per issue #40
  • elaborated on part of speech and parsing codes in README
  • corrected lemmatization of ἤρχοντο in John 4.30 per issue #41
  • changed μακράν to adverb when lemma is μακράν per issue #33
  • changed lemma for ἔδει to δέω per issue #24

Thanks Scott Fleischmann, Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen and Emma Ehrhardt.

MorphGNT is available at and all issues should be filed there.

py-sblgnt 0.5 is now available on PyPI for those wanting to access MorphGNT via a pip-installable Python API.