I’m heading off to the LSA’s annual meeting for the first time.

This morning my twitter timeline was filled with classicists heading off to the SCS annual meeting (okay, maybe not filled, but there were three or four). I must follow more classicists than linguists because I didn’t see anyone tweeting about heading off to Washington DC for the LSA annual meeting.

The fact they are on at the same time on different sides of the country doesn’t exactly help cross-disciplinary collaboration and for a brief moment I wondered which to go to. It was actually an easy choice. I’m far more of a linguist than a classicist, even though most of my linguistics for the last twenty two years has been Ancient Greek related. A quick look at the programmes of each conference reassured me I’d made the right decision.

I don’t yet know if anyone I personally know will be there, which always makes conferences awkward for me. I’m also sitting an exam being proctored at a local university on Monday which I need to spend a decent amount of time studying for.

That exam is actually the main reason I haven’t blogged much since SBL. That will hopefully change next week when I’m done!