Well, I did it! I blogged a post for every day in the four weeks leading up to my talk at SBL. It was a fantastic motivator but I can’t sustain the pace.

I’ll try to at least blog once a week with a substantial post at least once a month but we’ll see.

There’ll hopefully be a lot of ongoing progress to report but I’ll also try to occasionally step back and write some more well-thought-out pieces, particularly on general linguistics. For thoughts-in-progress, I’ll likely use ThoughtStreams.

I’m really hoping to collaborate with others on all the work I’ve been talking about over the last four weeks and in my SBL talk, so if you’re interested, email me at jtauber@jtauber.com.

And because blogging won’t be as regular, please subscribe to get email updates if you haven’t already. Just fill out your email address in the form to the right (if you’re on the site).