This month I should be doing another release of my morphologically-parsed Greek New Testament. This will be release 5.06. I thought I’d outline my future plans (as they currently stand).

At some point, I’ll start doing 6.xx releases. This will involve a format change that includes some more information. I’ll probably continue the 5-series releases for people used to the format. The 5-series data is just a subset of the 6-series data so it’s always possible (and easy) for me to generate a 5 from a 6.

From Series-7, MorphGNT’s format will likely change dramatically to adopt a graph structure rather than a simple tabular structure. This will enable much greater extensibility and annotation.

Series-7 will be the last that is based on the CCAT database. From Series-8 onwards, the data will hopefully be completely the results of my own parsing work.

First things first, though—getting 5.06 out. I’m down to 299 mismatches to resolve.

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