Various corrections.

  • Corrected occurrence of ἐμβάλλω for lemma instead of ἐμβλέπω or ἐμβαίνω (thanks to Ted Blakley via Zack Hubert)
  • Denormalized variant spellings of Ναζαρά
  • Corrected parse codes of κἀκεῖνος, θρόνοι
  • Added comparative parse code for σπουδαιοτέρως
  • Changed lemmata for ἀκριβέστερον, περισσότερον, τολμηρότερον
  • Changed lemmata for οὕτως, εἵνεκεν, ἑλπίς
  • Corrected lemma for ζώνην and ζώνη

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